God is on His Throne Devotional

Day 50

Posted by Tim Perrin on

Read Psalm 50 In our culture, we celebrate people for the sacrifices they make. We celebrate first responders, doctors and nurses, politicians, benefactors, soldiers, caregivers, (sometimes even clergy), and on and on. There is a powerful temptation that goes with being a hero...

Day 49

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Read Psalm 49 13 This is the path of those who have foolish confidence;yet after them people approve of their boasts. Selah14 Like sheep they are appointed for Sheol;death shall be their shepherd,and the upright shall rule over them in the morning.Their form shall be consumed in Sheol, with...

Day 48

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Read Psalm 48 Zion means “sunny mountain” and it was the high place on which Jerusalem was built. Deep valleys surround Zion on all sides except to the north. It was a defendable stronghold and ultimately became the site of Solomon’s Temple. Jerusalem was centrally located...

Day 47

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Read Psalm 47 This Psalm is a celebration of victory. We often seek God in times of discouragement and defeat; we forget about God when blessing abounds. We cry for help and even blame God in troubled times but credit ourselves for blessing. 2 For the Lord, the Most High, is to be...

Day 46

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Read Psalm 46 3000 years ago, Israel coped with constant uncertainty. Being directed by God does not guarantee an easy path. They faced the constant threat of enemies while working to establish the land and the way of life that God had given them. They were tempted to embrace discouraging...

Day 45

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Read Psalm 45 This Psalm was written for a royal wedding, but it has Messianic implications as well.  Even some classic Jewish sources confirm this. The writer of Hebrews points this Psalm directly to the Messiah. 8 But of the Son he says,  "Your throne, O God, is...

Day 44

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Read Psalm 44 Some religious teachers proclaim that earthly success is certain for Christians if they have enough faith. Failure, sickness, and financial downturns are all due to a lack of faith. However, in this Psalm, we see people with plenty of faith who are facing hard times. 9...

Day 43

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Read Psalm 43 Living in this world means coexisting with people who play by different rules. For example, in a broken relationship, you may be constrained by the biblical mandate to forgive and reconcile, but the other person may not share your convictions. In addition, you don’t...

Day 42

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Read Psalm 42 A national crisis or a personal crisis can expose our true selves. The Psalmist describes his emotions in honest detail: 6 My soul is cast down within me; 9 “Why have you forgotten me?Why do I go mourning 10 As with a deadly wound in my bones,my...

Day 41

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Read Psalm 41 Do you know the difference between grace and mercy? Grace is when you get what you don’t deserve; mercy is when you don’t get what you really deserve. The Christian gospel says that we deserve hell and punishment but because of God’s grace and mercy, we have...


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