Ministry Support

Our Ministry Support Teams provide administrative support and guidance to all aspects of church ministry and activities. There are many opportunities for service in this ministry area.

Facilities Team

The Facilities Team serves to ensure that GBC’s facilities are attractive, safe, and available for ministry by overseeing the execution of major facility projects. They maintain a list of future Capital Expense items (greater than $2,000) and coordinate with the Finance Committee to plan for funding. They seek to be good stewards of our facilities and resources.  Contact Kirk Horton at

Grounds Team

The Grounds Team is a group of volunteers who serve to make the church grounds of our campus, an attractive, welcoming and inviting place for our guests and an outdoor resource for the families and members of Grace.  The team does landscaping projects to create a favorable “first impression” as people arrive at our church which is the beginning of creating an environment where people can be ministered to and better minister to others.  For more information contact Kirk Horton at

Library Team

The Library Team offers current family-friendly resources to enhance spiritual growth and provides support materials for Grace teachers and leaders. The Team is continuously increasing the selection of newly released resources.  Contact Kirk Horton at

Photography Team

The Photography Ministry documents all major Grace Baptist Church events and supports, via photographs, the other GBC Ministries. These images are used in various publications to inspire, motivate, and encourage those who attend and serve at our church and to give glory to God for what he is doing. Capturing the many faces of Grace through photography gives us the opportunity to see how Grace has grown and changed through the years. If you like to take photographs and would like to help, contact Cheryl Nester at 

In addition to these teams, our church elects members to serve on the Personnel Committee, Finance Committee, and Trustees. They advise the church on personnel matters, our finances, and decisions that concern our properties.

Kirk Horton

Executive Pastor


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