Reaching out to our city, state, and the world!

Grace reaches out locally through our Helping Hands of Grace (HHOG), Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), and our Hispanic Ministries.

Grace also serves the Appalachian region through local partnerships with the Pocahontas State Correctional Center and the Bland Ministry Center & Dental Clinic.

We are reaching our world through global missions by sending a team to Thailand to share the gospel with the people who live there. We also help support the Kerr's who are missionary's in Thailand.

If you feel called to minister to a particular region or people group, Grace can help connect you to organizations and resources to facilitate your calling.

Below is more information on our Helping Hands of Grace ministry. Keep watching for details on our Local and Global Missions.


MOPS provides an opportunity to meet other moms and make the journey of motherhood together. We share our experiences, learn from one another, and support each other. We desire to encourage, equip, and develop every mother of preschoolers in the name of Jesus Christ. We embrace both believers and non-believers. 

For more information about MOPS and to register click the link below

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Helping Hands of Grace (HHOG)

Throughout the year, each Friday night, Grace provides the homeless with a home-cooked meal, personal items. and to hear the testimony of a Grace Baptist member.  We also provide hot meals for residents of the Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center at various times during the year. HHOG now has an online sign-up for groups, ministries, or families to provide meals.