Weekly Reading

This week we have a guest speaker!
Please join us in welcoming Bryan Jones, Executive Director, Northstar Church Network

Scripture Outline (Matthew 17:1-5; Hebrews 12:1-2)) 

If you could have been around for any single event in the life of Jesus, what would you choose?

Five Things I Can Do to Sustain Spiritual Momentum and Persevere…

  1. 1. I will find strength from those who have ______________________________________________. (v. 1)
    • What person of faith and godliness can help strengthen my walk?
  2. I will take off that which _______________________ me up. (v. 1)
    • In order to finish well, I need to let go of what?
  3. I will choose to ________________________. (v. 1)
    • God, what do you want me to keep doing?
  4. I will keep a ____________________ __________________ focus. (v. 2)
    • In order to stay single-minded (focused on Christ) I will…?
  5. I will endure the suffering to see the ____________________. (v. 2)
    • I am able to endure the present because I know when I get to heaven…?

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