Weekly Reading

Pastor Ben is preaching through the Gospel of Mark. He would like for all of us to read through the text and meditate on it together as a church family. The weekly reading and the outline for the next sermon will be available on the website and in the News from Grace each week. The weekly reading for the next week will appear in the church bulletin each weekend.

In preparation for worship as a church family this weekend, please read and meditate on Mark 3:22-35.

Scripture Outline (Mark 3:22-35) 

1. Discourse with the Scribes (vs. 22-27)
     a. Accuse Jesus of Being Possessed
     b. Jesus Responds with a Parable
2. Jesus Teaches on the Nature of Sin (vs. 28-30)
     a. Forgivable Sin
     b. Unforgivable Sin
3. The Nature of the Family of God (vs. 31-35)
     a. Physical Family
     b. Spiritual Family


Printable Sermon Notes